Chitrawani Battery Store Singhia Ghat is a store that sells battery-operated devices, including Inverter Battry, Tube Battery,
TV remotes, children's toys, and computer keyboards. It also has a wide selection of batteries. The store carries batteries for all of the latest electronics, including cameras, cell phones, laptops, and tablets. The store has a range of battery sizes, from AA to D-cell. It also carries AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. Chitrawani Battery Store Singhia Ghat sells battery chargers, as well as solar chargers for all types of batteries. The store also carries a wide range of portable battery chargers for the on-the-go customer. This store is the best place to buy a battery-operated device in Kathmandu. They have everything from solar-powered battery chargers to laptop chargers.

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  • Free WiFi
  • On-Site Retail Spaces
  • USB Outlets
  • Roof-Top Terraces

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  • Saturday 09 am - 05 pm
  • Sunday 09 am - 06 pm
  • Monday 09 am - 06 pm
  • Tuesday 09 am - 08 pm
  • Wednesday 09 am - 07 pm
  • Thursday 09 am - 08 pm
  • Friday 09 am - 12 am

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